Professional path

At the end of my mechanical engineer diploma, I thought my computer science skills were too superficial for an « up to date » engineer. Thus I decided to study for an additionnal year to get a computer science engineer diploma. It was the age of « Y2K bug » and professional opportunities were more numerous in the field of computer science than in the mechanical field. It was the beginning of my career…working with personal computer and developing softwares.

My first employee is one of the main french banks named « Crédit Agricole ». I work on a cheque treatment software. I discover the customer relationalship. Indeed, for my first software delivery, the client tested it by pressing with his both hands on the keyboard! Test that no one had imagined. Application, built with Visual Basic, crashed immediatly. Thank you guys, please make your application more robust!

Then I worked for Airbus training center. I keep on improving my customer relationship experience…the client welcomes us whereas he had no shoes but walked on his socks! My boss did not take care about this detail. Afterwards he told me « he is the client, he is at home, he wears what he wants. ». Technically speaking, I realised the need of configuration management. They were collaborating by exchanging CDRoms containing the latest version. With no surprise, there was often a discrepancy between the customer version behaviour and that of the development. Finally I start working with open source libraries and contribute to a list management library.

I continue in the airplane industry on the pilot control side. But no more on dev side, but on test side. I work for a code generator. This is the « real time » world, where code is written in C. This is the time of audit and certification. Indeed, people are on board, thus as anyother pieces of a plane, embedded software must be certified. Each line of code is validated, tested, reviewed, verified and covered by at least one test…these are rules defined by DO-178 standard. I understand we are space industry children as airplane standards and methodologies are those of the NASA. Finally, I discover out-sourcing, as part of software validation will be done by a chinese team. My counter part is a chinese guy who had his engineer diploma from the same school as mine, INSA of Lyon. He can speak french and english very well. My trips to Shanghai are very enriching.

Fed-up with airplanes! Let’s work on sonar for sub-marine and frigates. Still in embedded world, I work on Linux and distribute resources depending on users needs. Linux is an open source, and the company I work for is paying for support admitting it worth it! Again, I become aware of open source power…

Back to airplane industry…now I sell tickets on the web. We are working with the latest software development methods (Agile and continuous integration). Technical leaders have their « Google » and « Facebook » How-to’s development software books on their desks!

Now, I am 40, married and father of two children, it’s time for dreams to become reality: let’s found MoSoft!

My LinkedIn profile

Collaborative platforms, eCommerce and Websites

To me, no doubt, we all need collaborative platforms, eCommerce and Websites, don’t we?

My first platform

3 years ago I created my first collaborative platform…for my family: My wife mail box was always over quota after she had sent films of children sent to grandparents. It was a nightmare to deal with list of gifts for birthdays and christmas. Its aim was also to decide where the next family event would take place. Anyway, we were needing a web platform to share all of this! Same status with my friends…thus was born…

My first eCommerce website

In the same time, I created my first eCommerce website. Children are growing up, clothes cannot follow the rythm. They are too small whereas nearly brand new. What a pity to trash them. Thus was born!

My first websites

One day, I discover my internet provider allow 1Go and a domain for free…why not use it? I use it to give my parents chalet its own website (still for rent Chalet des Rousses). Again children related matters, thus before creating the family platform, I did a pictures gallery Galerie d’art et surtout d’essai!.