Collaborative and Sharing Platforms

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Collaborative and Sharing Platform

We are needed to share information for a long time…new technologies revolution brings us the collaborative platforms (or private social networks).

Just like our products, our platforms are accessible through smartphones, PC, Mac…

Existing solutions, like Facebook© , with MoSoft platforms you can share with the utmost secrecy!

You should correspond to one of the following users cases:

  • You need to propose an agenda to a set of people they can subscribe to
  • A birthday is coming up, you need to share a gifts wishlist
  • You want to discuss with several people on a topic
  • You need to get peoples feedback on a date, a topic or a place (when to meet, do you prefer blue or green, where to eat)

Then you need a sharing platform!

Find below the dedicated one we have already put in place:

For Coworking areas

Demo platform for coworking places
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As you may have seen on our demo platform (click above) our solution provides community management standard tools, at least to involve your community:

  • A facebook with members details (job, skills, address, …)
  • A place to manage event (internal or external). Everyone can suggest and/or can subscribe
  • Discussion forum
  • Notifications (e-mails or SMS) to keep in touch (customisable frequency: daily or live)
  • An admin part to manage community

Should you need more functionality, we will be happy to develop it for you!

For joint ownership property

demo platform for ownership property
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Our collaborative platform for joint ownership properties allows to:

  • Put official documents online (plans, rules, assembly summaries, …)
  • Share among co-ownerships trustees : sub-contractors (gardener, cleaner, …), property management company, joint owners, tenants.
  • Share services, good practices among neighbours
  • Share meetings, parties, works, … to come